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Glosario de términos


  • Accounting entry
    Entry or register in the accounting record of an account.
  • Automated teller machines
    Electronic devices which mainly allow cash withdrawals by a payment card holder.
  • Acquirer
    A credit institution that provides a commercial establishment with a mechanical or electronic device (point of sale terminal) to collect the relevant data of customers' cards for the purpose of authorising a payment transaction.
  • Average discount rate

    The percentage of the total value of the transactions carried out at a point-of-sale terminal that is collected from the trader by the acquiring institution. The discount rate applied to each trader is the result of bilateral negotiation between the trader and the institution and, according to the available information, is not set according to the origin of the card, but according to the type of commercial relationship existing between the parties. Management organisations gather said information from their members using surveys.

  • Average interchange rate

    The percentage of the total value of the transactions made at a point-of-sale terminal that the acquiring institution makes over to the issuing institution as payment for the services rendered by the parties. For cash machine transactions, the direction of the transfer is the inverse, i.e. from the card-issuer to the cash-machine owner, given that for cash withdrawals, balance queries, statements and the like, it is the institution that owns the cash machine that adds value to the card, and bears costs for which it should be compensated.