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Glosario de términos


  • Operating procedure for same network/other national network/other foreign network

    The different levels of commissions charged and ceded are established based on this criterion, taking into account differences in operating costs between entities adhered to the «same network», to a different network within Spain or with respect to third-party country networks. Exchange rates are established by general agreement. In the «same network» operating procedure, all participants are ceded the same commission in accordance with the agreements reached by the board of directors of the company to which they belong. In a Spanish network other than the proprietary network, the resulting commission will be identical for each network pair, but not necessarily with respect to a third-party network. With regard to the international operating procedure, the commission is determined by the trademark licenser (Visa or MasterCard), whereupon Spanish organisations adhere to framework agreements. The data provided refer to payment cards issued by credit institutions established in Spain. Despite the fact that, in Spain, some commercial establishments and non-banking companies also issue similar instruments, the Banco de España does not have said information.