Financial literacy competition

The OECD recommends that financial education should start at the earliest possible age. To this end, the CNMV and the Banco de España signed an agreement with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training that includes a Financial Education Programme aimed at introducing basic financial content in schools, which has been running since 2010.

The programme allows teachers of all subjects and years to work on projects with their students on the financial literacy areas identified by PISA.

Enrolment on the Programme is voluntary. It is designed to be flexible so that schools can tailor the content to their curriculum.

Participating schools will be given access to a teacher’s and a student’s handbook, as well as to guides and other support materials, through a teachers’ section of the Finance for AllOpens in new window website.

Schools enrolled in the Programme with students in the 3rd or 4th year of lower secondary education, higher secondary education or intermediate vocational training may also participate in the Financial Literacy CompetitionOpens in new window and test the knowledge acquired by their students through a series of multiple choice questions on issues related to economics and finance.

After two knockout rounds (first online and then in person), the finalist schools will take centre stage for the main event of the Financial Education DayOpens in new window, which is organised annually at the premises of one of the promoters of the Financial Education Plan.

The finalists will also receive a prize:

  • A tablet for each student and for the teacher coordinating the team.
  • School supplies worth €5,000 for the winning school and €2,500 for the runner-up.
  • Lunch and a guided tour of the Banco de España and the Madrid Stock Exchange.
  • An educational event at the winning school organised by representatives of the Financial Education Plan.
  • A trophy.

Generation €uro Students’ Award

The Banco de España, aware of the importance of understanding the Eurosystem and the monetary policy of the European Central Bank, launched the 13th edition of the Generation €uro Student’s Award competitionOpens in new window.

The main objective of the competition is to raise awareness of the Eurosystem’s monetary policy and its role as a guarantor of price stability, and to encourage schools, teachers and students to participate in activities relating to economic and financial education.

  • Final event of the 13th edition05/04/2024
    The winning team was Tipos de redescuento from IES Fray Luis de León (Salamanca). The teams Stop and go from Instituto Antoni Martí i Franquès (Tarragona) and Liceo Cervantes de Roma from Liceo Cervantes (Rome), were chosen as the first and second finalists, respectively.
    Press releases File PDF: Opens in new window (145 KB)

  • Finalist teams of the 13th edition16/02/2024
    Tipos de redescuento, from IES Fray Luis de León (Salamanca); Stop and go, from Instituto Antoni Martí i Franquès (Tarragona); and Liceo Cervantes de Roma, from Liceo Cervantes (Rome).
    Jury minutesOpens in new window

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