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Westbalkan Programme

In March 2019, the Banco de España, together with 20 central Banks of the ESCB and the ECB, launched the Programme for Strengthening the Central Bank Capacities in the Western Balkans with a view to the integration to the European System of Central Banks. This was a two-year programme, financed by the European Commission, with the goal of strengthening the institutional capacities of the Western Balkans’ central banks and supervisory agencies.

During the final programme Steering Committee meeting, which was held on 16 December 2021, the central Banks of the ESCB, all the beneficiary institutions and the European Commission positively assessed the programme, celebrating the close cooperation and impact it signifies for the six Western Balkan EU candidate and potential candidate countries and praising the intensive work performed by all the parties during the programme. A video about the programme was shown during the meeting. Balkans Programme VideoOpens in a new window

The Banco de España participated very actively in this institutional strengthening programme. It cooperated in two high-level meetings revolving around Financial Stability and Governance issues, co-organised two training events on Internal Audit and International Relations and led an internship for the Central Bank of Serbia on International and European Relations.


Press release on the programme File PDF: Opens in a new window (390 KB).