Banknotes and coins

Coin processing machines

Classification of equipment

The coin processing machines to be tested can be classified as:

  1. staff -operated machines, including:
    • coin sorting machines: machines that sort coins by denomination;
    • coin counting machines: machines that count coins;
    • coin sorting/counting machines: machines that count and sort coins by denomination;
  2. customer -operated machines, including:
    • coin recycling machines type 3: Allow customers to deposit euro coins into their bank accounts and to withdraw euro coins from their accounts. Coins that are not accepted as genuine by these machines are retained inside the machine itself, and are authenticated by the machine.

To be eligible for testing, a type of coin processing machine must allow the processing of euro coins, as well as the classification and treatment of euro coins in accordance with the Regulation 1210/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 December 2010.

List of tested equipment

Evaluation tests

Coin processing machines must meet the requirements set forth in the Regulation (EU) 1210/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council on authentication of euro coins and their recirculation, a common procedure throughout the Eurosystem; a machine that passes the tests at a national central bank can then be used in any Eurosystem country.

Manufacturers or authorized agents (in the event that the manufacturer does not have a European Union representative) that wish to request testing must follow the steps indicated in the link below: