Banknotes and coins

Cash Services to credit institutions

Basic cash service

This is the cash service that the Banco de España offers to credit institutions for paying in and withdrawing euro banknotes in general.

Ordinary cash service

This is the cash service that the Banco de España offers to credit institutions that have subscribed to the ''General Conditions” published on 23 November 2006 in the Official State Gazette. Subscribing to these conditions requires the entities concerned to send the Banco de España statistical information on the processing and delivery of banknotes and to carry out certain controls on the authenticity and fitness of banknotes put into circulation, either directly or through third parties; it also involves a number of benefits in the ordinary cash service that the receive from the Banco de España.

Any credit institutions wishing to apply for the ordinary cash service may do so using the following link:

The Banco de España has developed a software application called GDI (Gestión de disposiciones e ingresos, Payments and Withdrawals Management). This application allows credit institutions to carry out cash withdrawal requests and payment notices in advance, both of banknotes and coins, at the Banco de España branches.

In order to be able to use this service is required to adhere to it. On the following links you can find the range of services that require process of accession, as well as the procedure of accession to an electronic service of the Banco de España:

Cash service for cross-border operations

Spanish credit institutions holding an account at the payments module of TARGET2-BE will be able to request withdrawals and cash payment notices in advance in other Eurosystem Central Banks through the GDI application. The information exchange for these cash request regarding cross-border operations will be conducted through the DECS platform.

The links mentioned above are also valid.