Processing of wills

The inheritors or heirs of balances of State Public Debt noted previously on a direct account open with Banco de España, must submit the following original documentation to the Central Register or one of the Auxiliary Registers open in the branch offices. No appointment is required.

  • Death certificate of named holder of the direct account.
  • Request for certificate of balances as of date of death.
  • DNI (National Identification Document) of requester.
  • General Register of Last Will and Testament Acts.
  • Testament or Act of Declaration of Inheritors (or Family Book for first degree next of kind).

Banco de España shall provide the inheritors or heirs who have certified said status, a certificate of the balanced held by the named holder at the time of death.

Upon receipt of the certificate of balances, the parties should request an appointment to continue to process the file. Please ensure that you have all the original documents ready for submission on the day of your appointments:

  • If the Family Book was provided at the time of the request, the General Register of Last Will and Testament Acts or, in the absence thereof, a notarised or judicial document of “Declaration of Inheritors”.
  • DNI (National Identification Document) of inheritors.
  • Deed of acceptance and award of inheritance (if formalised).
  • Full document of settlement of Inheritance and Donations Tax, which must be accompanied by the list of assets comprising the estate (including the information provided by the Banco de España on the Public Debt held by the deceased).
  • Agreement for distribution of balances, signed by the inheritors in the presence of an employee of the Banco de España, indicating the bank accounts of each one of the inheritors where the payment of retained cash is made, if applicable, attaching printed proof of ownership of said account, showing the IBAN.

For the correct completion of the file, after dealing with Direct Accounts Service, all this documentation must be submitted in person to the Official Register of the Banco de España.


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