Other procedures related to cash

The Banco de España does not carry out currency exchange transactions. You can find information on currency exchange on the Portal del Cliente BancarioOpens in new window.

Various cash-related transactions can be carried out at both the central headquarters of the Banco de España in Madrid, and the network of branches located throughout Spain:

Exchange of euro banknotes and coins for others of a different face value

You can exchange euro banknotes or coins for other euro banknotes or coins of different face value, for the same amount, at the Banco de España. In the case of coins, in order not to hinder the proper functioning of other transactions, a maximum per transaction is established, which can be consulted in the Oficina VirtualOpens in new window.

Common transactions include most notably deposits into a National Public Employment Service (SEPE by its Spanish abbreviation) account. When workers improperly receive an unemployment benefit or subsidy, the SEPE notifies them, informing them of the reason for the notification and the improper amount, providing them with a SEPE account number in which they can  make the refund. The worker can return the amount either by transfer, or in cash at the Banco de España branches.

Any natural or legal person interested in subscribing public debt may do so at any of the Banco de España offices throughout Spain. A direct account must be opened before making the first subscription.

Among other forms of payment, the deposit may be made in cash at any of the Banco de España branches.

Prior deposits of third-party expert fees must be made whenever conflicting expert appraisals arise and as expressly requested by  the officially designated third-party expert.

Among other means of payment, such deposits can be made in cash over the counter at any of the Banco de España branches.