I Banco de España Conference on the Spanish Economy

The Banco de España is launching the first of a series of academic conferences on the Spanish economy, to be held on 7 and 8 July 2022 at the Banco de España’s headquarters in Madrid.

This new conference series aims at bringing together top researchers to present their recent work on topics that are of critical importance for the Spanish economy, as well as distinguished policy-makers to discuss their views on these topics.

This first conference will include academic sessions on the labour market, on the link between productivity and finance, on inflation, and on energy and climate change. It will also feature an opening speech by Pablo Hernández de Cos, Governor of the Banco de España, and a closing panel discussion on “Public finances: fiscal reform and sustainability”.

Please note that attendance is by invitation only.



7 July

    • 10:00h - 11:00h

      Geographic Mobility over the Life-Cycle

      Authors: Antonia Díaz, Álvaro Jáñez, Felix Wellschmied

      Speaker: Antonia Díaz File PDF: Opens in new window (1 MB) (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

      Discussant: Tom Schmitz File PDF: Opens in new window (274 KB) (Università Bocconi)

    • 11:00h - 11:30h
    • Coffee break
    • 13:30h - 14:30h
    • Lunch break
    • 14:30h - 16:30h

      Government Procurement and Access to Credit: Firm Dynamics and Aggregate Implications

      Authors: Julian di Giovanni, Manuel García-Santana, Priit Jeenas, Enrique Moral‑Benito and Josep Pijoan-Mas.

      Speaker: Manuel García-Santana File PDF: Opens in new window (624 KB) (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

      Discussant: Eduardo Morale File PDF: Opens in new window (252 KB)s (Princeton University)

      Finance over the Life Cycle of Firms

      Author: Federico Kochen

      Speakers: Federico Kochen File PDF: Opens in new window (4 MB) (New York University)

      Discussant: Carolina Villegas File PDF: Opens in new window (645 KB) (ESADE)


    • 16:30h - 17:00h
    • Coffee break
    • 17:00h - 19:00h

      New Facts on Consumer Price Rigidity in the Euro Area

      Authors: Erwan Gautier, Cristina Conflitti, Riemer P. Faber, Brian Fabo, Ludmila Fadejeva, Valentin Jouvanceau, Jan-Oliver Menz, Teresa Messner, Pavlos Petroulas, Pau Roldan-Blanco, Fabio Rumler, Sergio Santoro, Elisabeth Wieland, Hélène Zimmer.

      Speaker: Erwan Gautier File PDF: Opens in new window (3 MB) (Banque de France)

      Discussant: Huw Dixon File PDF: Opens in new window (646 KB) (Cardiff University)

      How likely is an inflation disaster?

      Authors: Jens Hilscher, Alon Raviv and Ricardo Reis.

      Speaker: Alon Raviv File PDF: Opens in new window (2 MB) (Bar-Ilan University)

      Discussant: Ricardo Gimeno File PDF: Opens in new window (934 KB) (Banco de España)


8 July

    • 09:30h - 11:30h

      CO2 Emissions and Energy Technologies in Western Europe

      Authors: J. Barrera-Santana, Gustavo A. Marrero, Luis A. Puch, Antonia Díaz

      Speaker: Gustavo A. Marrero File PDF: Opens in new window (3 MB) (Universidad de La Laguna)

      Discussant: Marta Suárez-Varela File PDF: Opens in new window (333 KB) (Banco de España)

      Does Pricing Carbon Mitigate Climate Change? Firm-Level Evidence from the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme

      Authors: Jonathan Colmer, Ralf Martin, Mirabelle Muûls, Ulrich J. Wagner.

      Speaker: Ralf Martin File PDF: Opens in new window (4 MB) (Imperial College London)

      Discussant: Stefan Lamp File PDF: Opens in new window (436 KB) (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

    • 11:30h - 12:00h
    • Coffee break
    • 12:00h - 13:30h

      The Distributional Impacts of Real Time Pricing

      Authors: M. Cahana, Natalia Fabra, Mar Reguant and J.Wang

      Speaker: Mar Reguant File PDF: Opens in new window (1 MB) (Northwestern University)

      Discussant: Kevin Remmy File PDF: Opens in new window (69 KB) (University of Mannheim)

    • 13:30h - 14:30h
    • Lunch break
    • 16:15h - 17:00h
    • Farewell remarks
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