Credit institutions and specialised lending institutions

Chapter 4. Credit institutions and specialised lending institutions

As announced in the note on the changes to the July 2017 edition, the confidential statements regularly reported to the Banco de España that are the source for the compilation of this chapter have been modified. The change is in response to the adaptation to the criteria for the compilation, terminology, definitions and formats of the FINREP  statements under European Union regulations.

This change has been reflected, as far as quarterly data are concerned, in the June 2017 data. As was the case for the April monthly data, breaks as from the June data have also been indicated in the tables. Specifically, and with regard to the tables on lending and deposits by province and by regional (autonomous) government (tables 4.28 to 4.31), there have been breaks owing to the breakdown of lending to Central counterparties (until the March data they were included under “Non-classified”), and to the inclusion of subordinated debt in the form of deposits.

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