Guidelines and recommendations

Pursuant to Article 54 of Law 10/2014, of 26 June, on the organisation, supervision and solvency of credit entitiesOpens in a new window, Banco de España may draft and publish technical guidelines for those entities and groups subject to supervision indicating criteria, practices, methods and procedures that it deems suitable for compliance with the regulations governing supervision. Said guides may include criteria that the Banco de España itself will follow in the performance of its supervision activities. Furthermore, the Banco de España may adopt for itself the guidelines on such issues approved by international bodies or committees active in banking regulation and supervision, and transmit them as such to the institutions and groups.

Guidelines issued by the Banco de España

Guidelines the Banco de España has adopted as its own

Recommendations of the ESRB followed by the Banco de España

Within its remit, the Banco de España can be the addressee of macroprudential recommendations issued by the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB). On a case-by-case basis, the Banco de España assesses the necessary actions to ensure their compliance, as appropriate.

List of current ESRB recommendations concerning the Banco de España: