September 2017

Chapter 17. Balance of Payments and International Investment Position

Table 17.23a (Assets. Portfolio investment, excluding the Banco de España. Breakdown by geographical and economic area and financial instrument) with annual frequency has been divided into two tables in order to offer the data in quarterly frequency and in greater geographical detail. Thus, Table 17.23a now shows total portfolio investment assets (excluding the Banco de España), while Table 17.23b shows the breakdown between equity and investment fund shares and debt securities.

Chapter 23. Output and demand

E) Services indicators

Table 23.15 Transport and tourism

This table has been adapted to include new variables from the information available in the statistical sources. The information on land transport released by the INE has been expanded to include details of the number of passengers using suburban, medium/long-distance and high-speed trains. The table also includes maritime passenger transport statistics published by the national port authority, Puertos del Estado, and air passenger transport statistics published by the national airport management company, Aena, S.A.