October 2014

Chapter 17. Balance of payments and international investment position

As announced in the 2014 statistics release calendar ( in a new window), on 15 October 2014 the Banco de España has made public the balance of payments for the month of July, along with the details of the balance of payments, the international investment position and the external debt for the second quarter of 2014 (see t he press release dated 15 October 2014: in a new window). This has been the first dissemination of external statistics following the sixth edition of the Balance of Payments and International Position Manual (BPM6) and fully incorporating new information sources; accordingly, the data for recent years have also been revised.

A detailed account of the changes made and their effects can be found in the abovementioned press release and in the more comprehensive note also published in the web section Statistics, under the heading Balance of Payments and International Investment Position.

On the other hand, the table 17.26 of the International Reserves has undergone a minor change as a consequence of the adaptation to the new methodological manuals. The short-term loans are now reclassified as funds managed by the IFM, moving from deposits to other reserve assets, along with financial derivatives.