The Banco de España prepares and publishes statistics related to its functions. It also compiles and provides the European Central Bank (ECB) with monetary, banking and financial statistics, and figures on interest rates and the balance of payments, which are needed to implement the single monetary and exchange rate policies.

In this section you can access both the statistical information compiled by the Banco de España as release calendars for statistics.

New "Historical statistics for researchers" section

Historical statistics for researchers

This new section aims to retrieve statistical information that the Banco de España ceased to disseminate at some point or information obtained from research papers published by it. The section is also open to the inclusion of external contributions. The aim is to preserve statistical information, promote its re-use and provide ready access, thereby ultimately supporting economic history research.

Statistics by subject

Icono Cuentas

Financial accounts

Financial accounts of institutional sectors

Icono Administraciones

General Government

Debt and deficit according to the EDP and other public sector statistics.

Icono Exteriores

External statistics

Balance of payments, international investment position and other external statistics

Icono Mercados

Financial markets

Securities, currency and derivatives financial markets

Icono Tipos

Interest rates

Legal, benchmark and market interest rates

Icono Operaciones

Payment systems

Statistics on payment systems

Icono instituciones

Financial corporations

Monetary and non-monetary financial institutions

Icono Sociedades

Non-financial corporations

Central Balance Sheet Data Office’s non-financial corporation statistics

Icono Encuestas

Surveys of households and individuals

Spanish Survey of Household Finances and Survey of Financial Competences

Icono Generales

General economic statistics

General economic statistics and indicators

Icono Cambio

Exchange rates

Rates of exchange and competitiveness indexes

Icono Informacion

Financial and prudential information from credit institutions

Balance sheet, profit and loss, and other information on a consolidated basis

Other classifications

Icono Publicaciones

Statistics by publication

Statistics organised according to publication’s table of contents

Icono Entidades

Entity classification

Lists of financial institutions and sectorisation

Otras estadísticas

icono estadisticas historicas

Historical statistics for researchers

Statistical series retrieved

icono zona euro

Euro area statistics

Euro area statistics with tables and graphs