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Microdata on debt securities issuers (BEV)

This is a value-by-value micro-database of fixed income issues made, both in Spain and abroad, by Spanish issuers.

The data offered in BELab are part of the financial market data of the Banco de España’s Statistics Department.

Data source: the institution’s internal sources, the CNMV, the information available on the Bolsas y Mercados Españoles website, corporate reports, other information available on isssuing firms’ and international stock markets’ websites

Unit of analysis: issuers and issues

Frequency: monthly, quarterly and annual

Period: 2010 - 2021

Latest data extraction: June 2022

Identifier: NIF and ISIN code

Language available: Spanish

Data producer: Banco de España

User guide: Microdata on BEV Securities Issuers File PDF: Opens in a new window (528 KB)

Sample file: BEV sample file File XLSX: Opens in a new window (157 KB)

Possibility of remote access: yes

DOI: 10.48719/BELab.BEV0622_01Opens in a new window

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