Transactions on active direct accounts (no appointment required)

The holders of an active direct account who have the electronic signature of all holders and authorised persons registered with the Banco de España, can transact on direct accounts without prior appointment. To do so, it is necessary to use one of the forms made available by the Banco de España on the website or at any of our branches.

 WARNING: From 1 April 2024, only official, only official Banco de España forms shall be accepted for transactions and data updates on direct accounts.

Detailed below are the type of management and transactions that can be carried out without appointment:

      1. Subscriptions charged to payment account (no cheques or cash accepted)

        Non-competitive requests and competitive requests for auctions of Treasury Bills and Government Bonds and Obligations.

        Remember that for every issue of securities, only one non-competitive request can be made, whether it is a request for subscription or reinvestment.

        If more than one competitive request is made, whether it is a subscription request or reinvestment, they must differ in the interest rate/price requested.

         In addition to this form, there is an App that allows you to generate a form for the same transaction:

      2. Reinvestments

        Only Treasury Bills are Public Debt securities eligible for reinvestment. Currently all Bills can be reinvested in new securities, but only for a term of 6 or 12 months, due to the issue schedules.

        Remember that for every issue of securities, only one non-competitive request can be made, whether it is a request for subscription or reinvestment.

      3. Amortisation to payment account

        Holders of direct accounts can request amortisation of securities to the payment account, providing the notice specified in the attached form, exclusively if they intend to make a new subscription charged to the nominal sums amortised, within 20 calendar days following the date of amortisation.

      4. Order of sale on secondary market

        The Banco de España does not participate in the secondary Public Debt market. Nevertheless, the holders of direct accounts can order the Banco de España to transfer their securities to the rotating manager to proceed with sale on the secondary market, according to the terms of the order established by the holder of the direct account.

        You can find more information on the Spanish Markets and Exchanges website: in new window

      5. Request for transfer to or from management entity

        The holder of direct accounts can transfer the public debt securities to be deposited in other management entities or vice versa.

        To make a transfer of securities, it is an essential requirement that the name on the direct account and the name on the securities account with the other management entity are identical.

      6. Change of data on direct account

        The holders or authorised persons for the management of the direct account can make the following amendments to the data associated with same: change of address, telephone number and change of address linked to direct account.

The instructions for the completion of each form, and the terms and deadlines for submission to the Banco de España are established on each one. Please read the instruction on each form carefully.

How to make these transactions with Banco de España?

The forms can be sent by post or submitted in person at any of the Banco de España branch offices, preferably the branch where the direct account has been opened.

The postal addresses of the different branch offices can be found at the following link:

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