New tables with information on business margins of non-financial corporations. Tables 15.22, 15.23 and 15.24

Chapter 15. Non-financial corporations: Synthesis of the information collected by the Central Balance Sheet Data Office

The information on business margins of non-financial corporations, which had been disclosed in tables 15.19, 15.20 and 15.21, relating to the business margin ratio (Gross operating profit/turnover) is completed with three new tables, relating to the Gross operating profit/GVA ratio: 15.22, 15.23 and 15.24. The first of them with information from the annual integrated database (CBI), and the other two with information from the quarterly database (CBT). The old tables 15.22 and following have their numbering moved sequentially.

Creating these new tables involves renumbering the next current tables (15.22 – 15.29), changing 15.22 to 15.25, 15.23 to 15.26, and so on.

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