Neurocash has been developed by the Banco de España and LabLENI (Polytechnic University of Valencia) a new technology that uses the neuroscientific method to develop a more efficient cash

Neurocash® uses the latest technologies for measuring human behaviour to analyse users’ biometric response, visual interest, tactile perception and interaction with cash. Thus, it is possible to know the public's perception of cash in an objective and scientific way, based on their conscious and even unconscious responses, to develop a more efficient cash during its life cycle and to create an emotional connection between the general public and its currency. Neurocash® is applied in different phases of the cash life cycle.

  • Neurodesign of banknotes and security features
  • Virtual neurodesign for quick and affordable banknote prototyping
  • Perception of banknote production defects
  • Resilience to counterfeiting
  • Assessment of the efficiency of cash communication campaigns


This technology enables the cash of the future to be attractive, intuitive and secure.