Collection of “winnings” deposited with the Banco de España

The Banco de España has received numerous enquiries concerning the veracity of certain messages received by e-mail, fax or telephone, which mention the Bank as the custodian of important amounts of money from Spanish lottery winnings (El Gordo, La Primitiva, etc .) or other sources of a similar nature. These messages indicate that in order to collect this money, the supposed beneficiary must previously deposit a sum of money corresponding to taxes, payment of hypothetical certificates (relating to the fight against terrorist financing or money laundering, supposed tax certificates, etc.) , bank fees, delivery costs, insurance, amongst others.

The Banco de España does not provide banking services to private individuals, and warns therefore these supposed deposit accounts are false. Therefore, if you receive a message to do with these supposed prizes or amounts deposited with the Banco de España, be aware that it is not true.