Your Project in BELab

Researchers interested in accessing BELab can refer to the following scheme to understand the steps involved in a project.

1. Data Access Request

Researchers interested in obtaining access to BELab should submit their curriculum vitae with a list of their research activities and the fulfilled and signed request File PDF: Opens in new window (1 MB) form to the BELab email address (

The Research Technical Evaluation Committee of BELab will assess the received request and communicate their decision via email to the sender's address.

BELab staff will contact researchers whose research projects are approved to provide them with instructions on how to access the secure BELab environment, following the restrictions and limitations outlined in the "General Operating Rules File PDF: Opens in new window (533 KB)" guide.

If external data needs to be used in the secure environment, the researcher must fulfil the following form File PDF: Opens in new window (1 MB)

The researcher will use statistical software provided by BELab for project development (Stata, R, and Python). Additionally, the researcher will organize information according to a fixed and common folder structure, as described in the "BELab Stay-Working Rules" guide, with the aim of facilitating code reproducibility and review of generated output files. BELab provides work manuals and example code for all the available software.

The researcher is responsible for ensuring that the results of their calculations meet data confidentiality requirements. Compliance with these requirements is additionally verified by BELab staff in the so-called Output Control process. If these requirements are not met, calculation results cannot be extracted or published. To facilitate compliance, researchers are provided with the "BELab Output Control Rules File PDF: Opens in new window (366 KB)" guide, which outlines principles and standards that assist in complying with data confidentiality regulations.

Once work in BELab is completed, any unextracted information that needs to be retained will be archived for up to 5 years. Additionally, research conducted using BELab data will be published on its website.

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