Dissemination of more extensive breakdowns of debt ratios

Chapter 15. Non-financial corporations

Starting from this edition of the Boletín Estadístico, the information on the debt of non-financial corporations in the CBA and CBQ databases has been expanded. The changes are as follows: a) dissemination of more extensive breakdowns of debt ratios. Both Tables 15.22 and 15.23 are split into two new tables, hence the addition of Tables 15.24 and 15.25, which include new breakdowns, by sector and size, of the debt ratio E.2 (consolidated interest-bearing debt/GOP + FR). The definition of this ratio, which is unchanged from previous editions, entails the elimination of intra-group debt between companies of the same group to avoid the distortion which would result from the double counting of liabilities. These changes affect the numbering of the subsequent ratios in the chapter, which is adjusted accordingly; b) the dissemination of Tables 15.26 and 15.27 setting out, inter alia, interest burden, defined as interest on borrowed funds divided by the sum of gross operating profit (GOP) and financial revenue (FR), which seeks to assess the ability to repay corporate debt out of income from ordinary activities. The criterion used for selecting the firms in these new tables differs from that used in the rest of the chapter in order to include a larger amount of information.

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