Adaptation of the tables to the new NACE-2009 (statistical classification of economic activities)

Chapter 15: Non-financial corporations

Royal Decree 475/2007 of 13 April 2007 approved a new Spanish National Classification of Economic Activities CNAE-2009, consisting of the classifications approved by the United Nations and the European Commission.

The European Union has coordinated the entry into force of the new classification in all member countries, which will adopt it in most surveys from January 2009. Therefore, coinciding with the dissemination of the 2008 annual data, the Central Balance Sheet Data Office has started to use this new classification and has revised the time series of all the reporting corporations in order to assign them a code in the new classification. Also, the tables in its publications and the statistical series giving breakdowns by economic activity will be using, as from this month, sectoral aggregates adapted to the structure of the CNAE-2009.

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