Credit institutions ad credit financial intermediaries

Chapter 4. Credit institutions and credit financial inetermediaries

This edition of the Boletín Estadístico includes two changes in Chapter 4, Credit institutions (data from supervisory returns): data on electronic money institutions (ELMIs) are added and the presentation of the profit and loss account for banks, savings banks and credit cooperatives is modified.

ELMIs are considered to be credit institutions pursuant to the definition contained in Article 1 of Royal Legislative Decree 1298/1986 of 28 June 1986 on the adaptation of the current law on credit institutions to European Community legislation. Given the scant ELMI activity at present and the fact that there is only one such institution, the information relating thereto has been included in that on specialised lending institutions.

As regards profit and loss account data for banks, savings banks and credit cooperatives (Tables 4.B and 4.36 to 4.44), the presentation has been adapted to the amended format of the public profit and loss account set out in Circular 6/2008 of 26 November 2008.

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