Balance of payments and international investment position

Chapter 17. Balance of payments and international investment position

On 26 September, coinciding with the release of quarterly balance of payments data for 2019 Q2, and as announced in previous press releases, a regular extraordinary revision of the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position (BP/IIP) is published, which reviews a longer period than usual in September. The aim is to update statistical sources and estimation methods and to incorporate the recommendations of relevant international fora, which guarantee the timeliness, accuracy and punctuality of the statistics.

The review is harmonised, not only across the EU countries, Eurostat and the European Central Bank, but also across various statistical domains: the BP/IIP, the National Accounts compiled by the INE, the Financial Accounts for the Institutional Sectors, for which the Banco de España is responsible, and the General Government Accounts of the National Audit Office (IGAE). Accordingly, the results of the extraordinary review are consistent with one another.

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