TARGET services


T2 is the real-time gross settlement (RTGS) system owned and operated by the Eurosystem. Central banks and commercial banks can submit payment orders in euro to T2, where they are processed and settled in central bank money, i.e. money held in an account with a central bank.

T2 settles payments related to the Eurosystem’s monetary policy operations, as well as bank-to-bank and commercial transactions.


T2S revolutionised securities settlement in Europe because it brought an end to complex cross-border settlement procedures and the problems caused by different settlement practices among countries.

Instead with T2S we have a common platform on which securities and cash can be transferred between investors across Europe, using harmonised rules and practices. Currently 20 European countries use T2S.


TARGET Instant Payment Settlement (TIPS) is a market infrastructure service launched by the Eurosystem in November 2018. It enables payment service providers to offer fund transfers to their customers in real time and around the clock, every day of the year. This means that thanks to TIPS, individuals and firms can transfer money between each other within seconds, irrespective of the opening hours of their local bank.

TIPS was developed as an extension of TARGET2 and settles payments in central bank money. TIPS currently only settles payment transfers in euro. However, the central banks of Sweden, Denmark and Norway have shown interest in joining TIPS and settle instant payments in their national currencies.