Detailed studies

Those reporting firms that apply to the Central Balance Sheet Data Office can access detailed studies (commissioned studies) on customers' or suppliers' sectors of activity and benchmarking studies of their own activity. Auditing firms and consultancies may only ask for benchmarking studies.

The level of breakdown of the sectors of activity accesible to reporting firms is higher than that in the annual publication.

The "commissioned studies" provide information structured in blocks which can be selected by the firm depending on the type of analysis to be undertaken (the only aggregates disseminated are those that do not breach the confidentiality of the individual information of the firms included in them):

  1. Business analysis
  2. Flows from the general economic analysis
  3. Central Balance Sheet Data Office questionnaires

The commissioned studies can be requested for aggregates of firms arising from cross-matching the following variables:

  • By firm status and size.
  • By productive activity of the firms.
  • Firms from one or several independent databases.
  • Firms included in several consecutive databases.
  • Firms that complete abridged or standard questionnaires.
  • Geographical location of registered office.
  • Firms with more than 50% of their activity in a regional (autonomous) community.
  • Sum of activities.
  • Sum of at least five firms.
  • Other special variables (sales, holdings, etc. ).
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