New table with a breakdown of regional government debt securities-holding sectors

Chapter 22. Secondary markets for securities

In line with the information presented in the tables on Treasury bills (Table 22.3) and on Unstripped bonds and principal components of stripped bonds (Table 22.4), a complementary table (22.31) has been added with a breakdown of the regional government debt securities-holding sectors.

As in the previously mentioned cases, the data sources used in this connection draw on the information on securities portfolios provided by the holders themselves (in the case of much of the financial sector) and depositors (for the remaining holding agents). This information is currently received following the rules of Regulation (EU) No 1011/2012 of the European Central Bank concerning statistics on holdings of securities.

As this Regulation refers to outright holdings, the information provided by this new table will reflect the data on “outright portfolios”. The series begin in January 2016 and include holdings as at the last calendar day of the period.

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