New table with details of the holding sectors of IBEX 35® shares

Chapter 22. Secondary securities markets

A new table (22.32) has been included with details of the holding sectors of IBEX 35® shares, to add to the information in this chapter on the holding sectors of government debt portfolios (Treasury bills (Table 22.3), unstripped bonds and principal strips (Table 22.4) and regional government debt securities (Table 22.31)).
The time series for these new statistics run from December 2019 (although in subsequent updates the series are expected to be extended farther back). As regards the scope and definition of the companies selected, the data relate to the shares of all companies resident in Spain that make up the IBEX 35 at each point in time. The holdings are valued at market price.
As in the case of the statistics on government debt portfolios, the data sources to be used draw on the information on securities portfolios provided by the holders themselves (in the case of much of the financial sector) or by depositories (for the remaining holding agents). This information is currently received in accordance with the rules established in Regulation (EU) No 1011/2012 of the European Central Bank concerning statistics on holdings of securities.

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