Monetary financial institutions, Banco de España y Other monetary financial institutions

Chapter 6. Monetary financial institutions, Chapter 7. Banco de España y Chapter 8. Other monetary financial institutions

From this month onwards, the information provided in these chapters will be reorganised and extended. The main reason for these changes is the entry into force of Regulation (EU) No 1071/2013 of the European Central Bank concerning the balance sheet of the monetary financial institutions sector and its subsequent transposition into Spanish law through Circular 4/2004 (amended for these purposes by Circular 5/2014 of 28 November 2014).

As well as reorganising and renumbering the tables, which from now on will –excepting the summary tables in each chapter– be published in Eur billions for easier reading, new information will be available on the items below:

  • Syndicated loans to residents in Spain by counterpart sector;
  • Convenience and extended debt credit cards;
  • Transferable deposits by counterpart sector;
  • Further details on counterpart sectors and instruments.
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