Credit institutions, credit financial intermediaries and other monetary financial institutions

Chapter 4. Credit institutions and credit financial intermediaries and Chapter 8. Other monetary financial institutions

Credit Financial Intermediaries (CFIs) have ceased to be considered under the category of credit institutions, as previously announced in the changes to the February and March 2014 editions of the Boletín Estadístico. Accordingly, credit institutions have begun to report on their lending to CFIs along with the rest of their claims on "other resident sectors" (see note in the March 2014 edition).

Further to the entry into force of Circular 5/2013 of 30 October 2013 amending Circular 4/2004, on public and confidential financial reporting rules and formats, the quarterly information on the classification of loans by type is replaced by a new block of monthly information, as from the data relating to March 2014.

Similarly, these changes are also included in Table 8.27: Other MFI loans and credits to households.

These changes give rise in some cases to breaks in the series that are specified in the related notes to the tables.

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