Balance of payments and International investment position series are updated with the new composition of OECD countries, and series with little analyticial content are removed

Chapter 17. Balance of payments and international investment position

The composition of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has been updated due to the inclusion of Costa Rica as a new OECD member (tables 17.4b, 17.3a, 17.16, 17.22a, 17.27a, 17.44a, 17.44b y 17.45 of the Statistical Bulletin).

In table 17.16, Portfolio investment liabilities data have been eliminated because the available geographical breakdown of liabilities is compiled on the basis of the first non-resident counterpart country, which is not necessarily the same as the final holder of the titles and in some cases the geographical breakdown is not available in data sources. The evolution of the data had therefore little analytical meaning.

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