Balance of payments and international investment position

Chapter 17. Balance of payments and international investment position

As it was announced in the 2014 statistics release calendar ( in new window), the Banco de España will be publishing on 15 October the balance of payments for the month of July, along with the details of the balance of payments, the international investment position and external debt for 2014 Q2 (see the press release dated 29 September on this website: in new window). This will be the first publication of external statistics adhering to the Balance of Payments Manual Sixth Edition (BPM6) and fully incorporating new information sources; accordingly, the data for recent years will also be revised. This is why it had been envisaged postponing the release of these statistics, which is usually at the end of each month, for a few days.

To smooth the transition to the new reporting system for users of these statistics, the following links have been published on the website: in new window in new window

These are the new templates for the new tables in the Boletín Estadístico and in the economic indicators, which include the change in frequency in the dissemination of certain headings and the changes in the names of certain items, following the new BPM6 terminology.

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