Changes in the CSV time-series files

This section shows the changes introduced or about to be introduced in time-series files in CSV format. Regardless of the above, the manual provided in the right-hand side panel will always be up-to-date with the current structure of the CSV files available on the Banco de España's Statistics webpage.

  • 08/10/2021: There has been a review of this indicator that implies, in addition to some small modification of the content of the information, the separation into two parts with different update dates based on the statistics contained in each part. Part 1.3a collects data on the Yield over last twelve months of investment funds, bank rates, contracting in debt markets, securities issues, credit by purpose and Deposit money institutions’profit and loss account. credit. Part 1.3b contains information on the liquidity and financing indicators of the non-financial sectors, the Financial Accounts of the Spanish Economy, the Balance of Payments and the International Investment Position.
  • 07/10/2020: Daily date format has been corrected and the order of the first three header lines has been changed. Please, see change on 01/10/2020 for more information.
  • 01/10/2020: On Wednesday 7 October, the daily date format will be corrected from DD MMMAAAA to DD MMM AAAA, that is, a space will be inserted between the month and the year.

    Additionally, the order of the first three header lines will be changed to:

    • Name of the series
    • Sequential number
    • Series alias (when available)

    This change is due to fact that the series alias is a topological identifier. It shows the position of the series in the table and can change at any time. Consequently, it is not a valid permanent series ID.

  • 20/08/2020: The headers of all static CSVs in the Statistics section have been standardised so that they all contain the same information. These headers are: series alias, sequential number, series name, series description, unit description and frequency.