Information on branches open at 30 June 2010

Transitional Provision One of Circular 1/2009 of 18 December establishes that credit institutions must provide details of the new registrations that appear in Annex IV of all their branches open at 30 June 2010. This information must be sent online and received by 16 July 2010.

In order to make it easier for institutions to send this information and to facilitate its subsequent processing by the Banco de España, a single process has been created that consists of the following:

  • The Banco de España will send each institution a file containing the information concerning its branch offices that appear on the BdE database. The file will be generated in XML format and the data will be current at the date on which the file was sent. It will be sent by e-mail to the institution that appears as the filing institution in the Financial Information Exchange System (SIIF), and to the address appearing on the component certificate for access to this application.
  • E-mail submissions of the file by institutions to the Banco de España according to the instrucción técnica I.E.2010.05 . File PDF: Opens in new window (286 KB).