Banknote recycling equipment approved by the Banco de España

The list shows only the types of equipment that have passed the test carried out at the Banco de España.

The information on the types of equipment that have passed the test will be published within one month of the date of completion of the test.

The information on the test will be removed from the website when 12 months have elapsed from the calendar month following that in which the test was completed, except in cases where the machine's ability to detect counterfeit banknotes has been rechecked by the Banco de España by means of an annual test or a repeat of the test, which in turn has been passed.

The information on this type of machine will be immediately removed from the list or lists if, upon repeating the test any failure of the machine is detected, or if the manufacturer refuses to allow the machine to be subjected to a repeat test.

Any short reports that the Banco de España may provide to manufacturers regarding tests that have been passed, will be valid only as regards the conditions of the test on the date when it was carried out, and always providing the results are published on the website of the European Central Bank.