Download the annual questionnaire (2022)

There are two versions of the questionnaire, identical in their content and operation, but different in their installation. Choose the one you prefer:

Web questionnaire (digital accessibility)

This version of the questionnaire runs directly in your browser, without installation.

Click on "Cuestionario web anual"Opens in new window and start filling out the questionnaire. 

Both versions generates two files that to be sent to the Central Balance Sheet by email  ( Send email: Opens in new window).

Download the questionnaire application

This application of the questionnaire is installed on your computer.

Click on "Cuestionario electónico anual" File EXE: Opens in new window (7 MB) and choose the directory where you wish to save the installer program.

Main features of both questionnaires

  • It makes it easy to fill out the annual questionnaire.
  • Confidentiality. The application requires the use of a code to encrypt the information received/sent by the Central Balance Sheet Data Office.
  • It allows manual data input or imports from other applications.
  • It includes a debugging function that shows apparent errors in the information entered and allows them to be corrected in an interactive way, which will reduce or eliminate subsequent requests for additional information by telephone from the Central Balance Sheet Data Office.
  • Errors are classified as basic or subsidiary, according to their complexity. The application allows companies to debug errors at either, both or neither of the levels.
  • The application provides help prompts for each screen, for the function on which the cursor is positioned or for the meaning of concepts and keys in the questionnaire.
  • The application generates two files to be sent to the Central Balance Sheet Data Office by e-mail ( Send email: Opens in new window).
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Contact Doubts about completing the questionnaire

  • Telephone: 900 100 177 (Only in Spain)
  • Telephone (34) 91 338 6901
  • Contact form


  • Telephone: (+34) 91 338 6666
  • Contact form
  • Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 21:30 (excluding Madrid region public holidays)