SSM Quarterly Report

The ECB published quarterly reports on the progress made in the preparations for the start of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM), and the practical implementation of the SSM Regulation, between 3 November 2013 and 4 November 2014, the date on which the ECB assumed supervisory tasks. For accountability purposes, the SSM Regulation required that these reports be submitted to the European Parliament, the EU Council and the European Commission. Among the matters considered, the following should be included:

  • internal preparation, organisation and planning of work;
  • concrete arrangements made to comply with the requirement to separate monetary policy and supervisory functions;
  • cooperation with other national/EU competent authorities;
  • any obstacles encountered by the ECB in the preparation of its supervisory tasks;
  • any events of concern or changes to the Code of Conduct.

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SSM Quarterly Report 2014/4

SSM Quarterly Report 2014/3

SSM Quarterly Report 2014/2

SSM Quarterly Report 2014/1

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