Updating and modifying the Structural Indicators for the Spanish economy and the European Union table to reflect the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU and the entry of Croatia into the EMU

Summary indicators

The Summary Structural Indicators for the Spanish Economy and the European Union tableOpens in new window has been updated to reflect two changes in the European Union (EU) and euro area aggregates. First, many of the indicators no longer include United Kingdom data as from the beginning of the series. Second, this new version of the table takes into account Croatia's membership of the euro area.

Thus, the main changes introduced in this version of the indicator are as follows:

  • The aggregates used to obtain the different indicators for the EU and the euro area have been modified to reflect these new compositions as from the beginning of the series. However, for some indicators it has not been possible to obtain data for the entire time series. In such cases, the aggregates and specific definitions used are indicated in the footnotes to the table.
  • Eurostat’s source of information for the patents indicator has been recovered. Data are once again provided for the European countries, obtained from the European Patent Office.
  • The venture-capital investments indicator has been removed from the table owing to the lack of information available since 2015 and the impossibility of continuing the time series.
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