Plans and schedules

In order to perform its duties effectively, Banco de España assigns available resources efficiently, planning its activities and the investments needed to make them possible.

These activities are regularly examined in reports describing the actions taken and presenting the main lines of action for the future.

Banco de España thus plans the actions to be carried out in order to inspect institutions and to design and implement national and international bank regulation and supervision standards, reporting such in the Supervision Report.

Programme of necessary activities for controlling the correct operation of the Payment Systems and for reporting these activities in the corresponding Supervision Report, which describes the most significant changes over the year in Spain's payment systems, explains its supervisory activities and presents its action plans for the future.

It plans the analysis of the economic and financial information of Spanish non-financial companies in order to improve knowledge about these companies, enable financial accounts for the Spanish economy to be drawn up, and to analyse corporate performance and the effects of monetary policy measures on corporate financing and results. Including these activities in the publication of the non-financial companies’ annual results.

Every three months it updates the data of the financial accounts, a key factor for identifying the evolution of the Spanish economy and, similarly, every three years it analyses the financial situation of families, under the framework of the National Statistics Plan.  The information from this survey is used to carry out studies on investment and financing decisions for Spanish families and on their property situation, which are relevant issues for improving knowledge about our economy and appropriately design public policies.

Furthermore, Banco de España plans initiatives and actions to promote education and research in economic matters. These include initiatives such as the Programme of Excellence in Education and Research, aimed at promoting excellence in teaching and research in the fields of macroeconomics, monetary policy, finance, financial system supervision and international economics.

The Law of Autonomy of the Banco de España attributes regulatory powers to our institution, which it currently exercises in the form of Circulars. According to Article 1.2 of this law, as this power is administrative, it must be exercised in accordance with the provisions of the law regulating the Legal System applicable to Public Administration and the Common Administrative Procedure (Law 39/2015).

In this context, Article 132 of Law 39/2015 establishes that the Public Administration will publish an annual Regulatory Plan which will contain the legal or regulatory initiatives to be submitted for approval the following year. In accordance with the above, Article 7 of the internal rules of the Banco de España provides for the annual approval of a regulatory plan.

The Governing Council of the Banco de España, convened on 30 May 2018, approved the Annual Regulatory Plan of the Banco de España for 2018, while also agreeing on its publication on the Banco de España Transparency Portal.