Banco de España participation in INEXDA

On 10 January 2018, the Banco de España joined the network created by Banca d'Italia, Banco de Portugal, the Bank of England, Banque de France and Deutsche Bundesbank, called INEXDAOpens in new window (The International Network for Exchanging eXperiences on statistical handling of granular DAta). This is a cooperative international project conceived for research purposes. “Statistical handling” covers matters such as data and metadata accessibility, techniques for the statistical analysis of granular data and microdata, data confidentiality and security procedures, and exit control methods. INEXDAOpens in new window provides a framework in which to research the possibilities of harmonising access procedures and metadata structures, developing comparable structures for existing data and promoting the efficiency of statistical work with granular data. The ultimate aim is to facilitate the use of granular data for analysis, research and comparative purposes by users outside the participating institutions, within the limits set by the applicable confidentiality regimes.