Changes in european business statistics: base year 2021

Chapters 23 and 24 General economic statistics

Pursuant to Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/1197, laying down technical specifications for European business statistics, it has been determined that 2021 will be the new base year, with the change taking effect this year, in 2024. The previous base year was 2015.

This change affects the main activity and price indicators prepared by the INE and other authorities such as Eurostat. In consequence, it also affects some of the short-term business statistics published by the Banco de España. As a result, some of the tables in Chapters 23 and 24 of the Statistical Bulletin, and in the Summary Indicators, will be restructured.

In addition, there may be methodological changes in how the INE’s statistics are prepared. For more information, see the INE websiteOpens in new window.

These changes will be introduced gradually over the course of 2024.

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