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Microdata on loans to legal persons from the Central Credit Register (CIR)

The CIR microdata constitute a granular, transaction-by-transaction database with information on loans granted by financial institutions to legal persons resident and non-resident in Spain.

The data offered form part of the information maintained by the Central Credit Register (CIR).

Data sources: Banco de España. Information reported in accordance with Banco de España Circular 1/2013 on the Central Credit Register.

Unit of analysiss: individual enterprise

Frequency: annual

Period: 2016 - 2020

Latest data extraction: November 2021

Identifier: Anonymised internal debtor and loan codes.

Languages available: Spanish and English

Data producer: Banco de España

Guía usuario: Microdata on loans to legal persons - CIR File PDF: Opens in a new window (415 KB)

Sample file: CIR sample file File CSV: Opens in a new window (106 KB)

Possibility of remote access: no

DOI: 10.48719/BELab.CIR1221_01Opens in a new window

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