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Las Palmas

The main facade of the Las Palmas branch office.
The main facade of the Las Palmas branch office.

C/ León y Castillo, 6 
35003 Las Palmas

Telephone: (34) 928 367 166

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The Banco de España's Las Palmas branch office operates with credit institutions and offers the following services to the general public:

  • The exchange of pesetas into euro.
  • The withdrawal from circulation of counterfeit banknotes and coins.
  • The exchange of damaged banknotes.
  • Government debt subscription.
  • Applications for information from the Central Credit Register (CCR).
  • The processing by the Market Conduct and Claims Department of complaints and enquiries about the banking services provided by credit institutions.
Business hours

From Monday to Friday: 8.30 to 14.00
Closed: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Public Holidays 2019: 1 and 7 January; 5 March; 18 and 19 April; 1 and 30 May; 24 June; 15 August; 9 September; 12 October; 1 November; 6 and 25 December.

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How to get here


  • León y Castillo, 13 (line 1)
  • San Telmo Bus Station (bus interchanger)

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