Banknotes and coins

Information materials on banknotes and coins

The Banco de España distributes general interest information and informative material on euro banknotes and coins.

The printed versions of the materials that appear below can be requested free of charge at our virtual office:

Requests are processed in accordance with the stocks available.

As an alternative, you can download these information materials by clicking on the links provided below.

Materials on euro banknotes and coins

  • Title: Leaflet: The Europa series of banknotes File PDF: Opens in a new window (4 MB)
  • Description: The security features of the new banknotes make them even more difficult to counterfeit. You can check its authenticity by following the “FEEL, LOOK, TILT” method.
  • Format: DIN long, 105 x 210 mm.
  • Title: Euro banknotes and coins poster File PDF: Opens in a new window (5 MB)
  • Description: Poster showing the Europa series €5, €10, €20, €50, €100 and €200 banknotes as well as the euro coins and their national sides.
  • Format: Size, A2, 420 x 549 mm.

You can find additional material on the website of the ECBOpens in a new window, as well as on the Portal Educativo del Banco de EspañaOpens in a new window.