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What is RSS ?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) feeds allow users to collect updates from websites without having to enter them.

What does it consist of?

Users of this technology receive a file containing the information heading, a short description and a link to a page where the information is described in detail.

What does it need?

Firstly, users need to have a tool called an "RSS reader" or "RSS aggregator", which checks whether subscribed websites have updated their content.

There are various types:

  • Off-line readers: programmes, some of which are free, that can be installed in your computer, such as Feedreader, RSS Reader, Sharp Reader, Feed Demon and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Online readers: users must register at one of the free services that exist on the internet: Bloglines, Google, etc.
  • Readers embedded in the internet browser itself: for this type of reader, click on the RSS channel link displayed, which has already been set for Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, Safari, etc.

Once the reader programme has been selected="selected" and is operative, it is necessary to subscribe to the RSS services, which is generally done by copying the link to the website section of interest offering the service, and inserting it into the reader programme.