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Grants, research studies and funding from the Banco de España

The Banco de España, as a centre for internships and the promotion of economic research, has started a number of programmes to encourage the presence and participation of researchers at the Bank.

The offers aimed at graduates include both aid for conducting research projects and internships as "Research Assistants" for young graduates in support of the economic research undertaken at Banco de España, working under the leadership of other researchers responsible for the research.

In addition, for specialists with vast experience in the world of academics and research, there are both programmes for conducting research work for the Bank and collaboration opportunities for experts and specialists in support of the research underway in the different Bank Departments.

This section also includes the grants that Banco de España offers further studies abroad and in Spain, aimed at university graduates and students in the final year of their degree.

Recruitment processes of the Banco de España are conducted in Spanish.

With submission deadline open

There are not any open processes

With submission deadline closed

Ayudantes de investigación 2021

(Announcement de 22 de octubre)

Actualizado a 31/03/2021

Fecha límite: 14 de abril de 2021

Convocatoria del programa de ayudas a la investigación en historia económica.

Convocatoria del programa de ayudas a la investigación en historia económica. 

(Announcement de 22 de diciembre)

Fecha límite: 15 de febrero de 2021

Convocatoria de diez becas para la ampliación de estudios. Curso 2021-2022

Convocatoria de diez becas para la ampliación de estudios. Curso 2021-2022

(Announcement de 22 de diciembre)

Actualizado a 22/12/2020

Fecha límite: 12 de febrero de 2021

Economic policy researchers



Economic analysis and research are essential functions of the Bank of Spain to enhance its role as a national central bank and as a member of the Eurosystem.


The researchers´ team from the Bank of Spain is made up of high international prestige economists and offers a unique space where to develop cutting-edge research of quality and impact on society, oriented towards policies, the production of reports and publications in top quality journals.


Therefore, we seek to hire experienced or recent graduates, Ph.D.s in economics, finance or related fields, for our headquarters in Madrid. The required profiles must have skills or knowledge with special focus in macroeconomics, applied finance, monetary policy, macroprudencial policy, environmental economics, applied econometrics, household finance and international trade. Good command of written and spoken Spanish will be highly valued. The Bank of Spain offers an excellent work and research environment, an attractive benefits package and the opportunity to collaborate with a team of committed and highly qualified professionals, as well as participate in international work teams. (https://www.bde.es/investigador/en/Opens in a new window)


Applicants must send CV, a sample of a recent research and, at least, three recommendation letters through the offer of the Bank of Spain on:




-Econjobmarket: https://econjobmarket.org/positions/5958Opens in a new window



before November 15th, 2019.



For further information applicants could contact with Bank of Spain through this contact formOpens in a new window
 Sending an e-mail: Opens in a new window



The temporary employment relationship would begin when the selected candidates have the necessary permits to reside and work in Spain. For this purpose, before taking possession, they must solve on their own all those procedures that, in each circumstance and in accordance with the particular conditions that concur in the interested parties, are necessary for the performance in the Spanish territory of the professional tasks that are the object of this process. Candidates who are pursuing the doctorate may be admitted to the process, however, the selected candidates must be in possession of the PhD degree on the date of their incorporation, this being an essential condition for formalizing the contract.


(Announcement de 2 de octubre)

Deadline: 20 November 2020

Convocatoria de cinco becas para la ampliación de estudios. Curso 2020-2021

Convocatoria de cinco becas para la ampliación de estudios. Curso 2020-2021

(Announcement de 16 de diciembre)

Actualizado a 13/08/2020

Fecha límite: 15 de febrero de 2020

Ayudantes de investigación 2020

(Announcement de 22 de octubre)

Actualizado a 01/06/2020

Fecha límite: 11 de diciembre de 2019

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