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Preparations for the Europa series

Banco de España has designed a general plan for the dissemination of information and collaboration with professionals, in order to guarantee proper training and technological adaptation when it is issued. The actions to be taken include:

  • Information days

    Banco de España held, on 16 October 2018, an information day on new Europa series €100 and €200 banknotes for banknote equipment manufacturers and other national partners. 

    This programme is completed by a sectorial meeting which expands on the information about the new banknote. 

  • Sector Meetings

    Sector meetings gather the group of users and manufacturers of every kind of machines (for credit institutions, for cash-in-transit companies, for business, etc) and the Bank of Spain.

    The purpose of these meetings is to provide in-depth information on the technical aspects involved in adapting each machine according to type, enable information to be shared and respond to the needs of each group.

    The points discussed in the meeting are the following:

    1. Presentation of the 100€ y 200€ Europa series banknotes:
      • External features
      • Features that handling equipment recognise
    2. Assistance offered to manufactures and users by Banco de España to adapt equipment:
    3. Open discussion: Experience in adapting equipment to the 5€, 10€, 20€ and 50€ Europa series banknotes and proposals.

    Banco de España will hold a meeting on the above programme on 21 November 2018. If you would like to attend, please contact via this contact form Opens in a new window indicating your name, ID, company name and sector.

  • Collaboration programme

    The European Central Bank and the central national banks of the Eurozone have begun a collaboration programme to assist manufacturers and suppliers of banknote processing machines and authentication devices, as well as the customers and users of these machines, to prepare for the introduction of the new €50 banknote of the Europa series.

    You can find more information about this programme at the ECB website on the new Euro notes

  • Adaptation tests of the new Europa series

    For the purposes of facilitating the timely adaptation of the equipment for recognising the new €50 banknote of the Europa series, Banco de España is offering manufacturers, distributors and users of cash machines the opportunity to carry out their own tests, with these banknotes in their equipment, prior to launch.

    To achieve this, interested companies must have a confidentiality agreement signed by an authorised person.

    These tests are being carried out at the Banco de España facilities in Madrid (c/ Alcalá, 522) from 4 April 2016.

    You may request a test using the following linkOpens in a new window

  • Equipment evaluation tests
  • Loan of banknotes of the new Europa series

    Banco de España offers manufacturers, distributors and users of cash machinery the possibility of requesting delivery of the new series banknotes in order  to carry out tests in their own facilities and in places where the machinery is in operation. It will be necessary for an authorised person to sign a loan agreement with assurances that include regulations on confidentiality, custody and security, which maintain the integrity and control of the new banknote until its issue date. The loan will be made from 6 July 2016.

    You may request a banknotes loan using the following linkOpens in a new window

  • Training 

    Banco de España provides classroom-based training courses for employees of entities and other cash professionals in order to guarantee knowledge of the banknotes and coins in circulation and their correct manual selection. From 6 July 2016, these courses will offer information on the new €50 banknote of the Europa series.

    You can find more information through the training programmeOpens in a new window.

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