Banknotes and coins

Peseta banknotes and coins

Contains information on the last issues of banknotes and coins in pesetas that were in circulation until the introduction of the euro in Spain.

Banknotes of the 1980s

Between 1982 and 1987 the Banco de España issued a new series of banknotes designed by José María Cruz Novillo, which was engraved and printed by the Spanish public printing works.

The objective was to reduce and standardise their size, modernise their design and facilitate mechanised processing.

The new set also formed a uniform series with denominations ranging from 200 to 10,000 pesetas according to the 1-2-5 rule and including, as a new feature, the 200 and 2,000 peseta denominations.

The new banknotes combined traditional security features (large engraved portrait and watermark) along with new ones such as a security thread and fluorescent fibres, as well as certain secret elements designed to facilitate mechanised processing.

The last banknotes issued

In 1992, on the occasion of the fifth centenary of the discovery of America, the system was changed and new banknotes were introduced, combining Spanish and American artistic figures and features.

Reinhold Gerstetter, graphic artist with the German mint, collaborated on the design work, while engraving and printing was carried out by the Spanish public printing works.

Additional security measures included special marks set in relief for people with impaired vision, lithographic inks which changed colour when illuminated with ultraviolet light and microprinted texts and coded print visible only with a magnifying glass or a special lens.

These were the banknotes that were in circulation until the introduction of the euro in January 2002.

The last coins in circulation

These are the eight coins that formed the series in circulation in Spain until the introduction of the euro.

It should be noted that the obverse and reverse designs shown here are purely illustrative, since they generally changed every year. The distinguishing features of the coins that were in circulation are the alloy, or colour, and the diameter.

These coins, together with the 2,000 pesetas coins, are the only ones that can be exchanged at the Banco de España until 31.12.2020.

Although, peseta coins that have been altered through an industrial or mechanical process will not be exchanged.

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