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Research Staff(alphabetical)

 Matias Pacce

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Matias Pacce

Staff economist

Conjunctural Analysis and Economic Forecasting Division

Economic Developments Department

DG Economics, Statistics and Research

Contact Information

    Fields of Interest

    . Empirical macroeconomics

    . Time series econometrics

    . Business Cycles

    . Forecasting

    JEL Codes

    E32, E37, C11, C53

    Curriculum Vitae

    Selected Publications and Working Papers

    • “Measuring and forecasting retail trade in real time using card transactional data”

      Matías Pacce with J. R. García, T. Rodrigo, P. Ruiz de Aguirre and C. Ulloa (2021)

      International Journal of Forecasting, 37(3), 1235-1246, Jul-Sep. 2021

    • “Can news help measure economic sentiment? An application in COVID-19 times”

      Matías Pacce with Pablo Aguilar, Corinna Ghirelli and Alberto Urtasun (2021)

      Economic Letters, Vol 199, Feb 2021

    • “Spillover effects in International Business Cycles”

      Matías Pacce with Máximo Camacho and Gabriel Pérez-Quirós (2020)

      European Central Bank, Working Paper 2484, Oct. 2020

    • “Exploring Trend Inflation Dynamics in Euro Area Countries”

      Matías Pacce with Mónica Correa-López and Kathi Schlepper (2019)

      Banco de España, Working Paper 1909, Mar. 2019

    • “Regional Business Cycle Phases in Spain” Abre en nueva ventana

      Matías Pacce with Máximo Camacho and Camilo Ulloa (2018)

      Estudios de Economía Aplicada, 36(3), 875-896, Sep. 2018

    • “Forecasting travellers in Spain with Google’s search volume indices”

      Matías Pacce with Máximo Camacho (2018)

      Tourism Economics, 24(4), 434-448, Jun. 2018

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