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Research Staff(alphabetical)

 Blanca Jiménez García

Disclaimer. The Curriculum Vitae in this page, and any links from this page to websites outside of the domain, are the sole responsibility of Blanca Jiménez García. The Banco de España is not responsible for their content.

Blanca Jiménez García

Staff Economist

Conjunctural Analysis and Economic Forecasting Division

Economic Developments Department

DG Economics, Statistics and Research

Contact Information

  • Address: Alcalá 48, 28014 Madrid

Fields of Interest


Economic Policy

International Economics

Applied Econometrics.


JEL Codes

F02, F14, F15, F53, C22, C32, C51.

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications and Working Papers

  • “A time series approach to study the dynamic effects of bilateral trade agreements”

    Blanca Jiménez-García, Julio Rodríguez Puerta

    International Economics and Economic Policy. Vol.19, Issue 1.


  • “¿Existen asimetrías en los acuerdos bilaterales de libre comercio? Un método alternativo para estimar los efectos dinámicos.”

    Blanca Jiménez-García, Julio Rodríguez Puerta

    Revista de Economía Mundial (53): 135-157


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